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The heat of LED products and the heat dissipation of LED
2015-07-25 11:32:15
In the days that advocates energy-saving and environmental friendly, LED will be the most promising technique in the future. LED research institute claims:in 2012, high brightness LED market will reach 12billion dollars, in 2015, it will increase to 202billion dollars, the rate is 30.6% per year. Chinese government passed the protocal to arrange 2,2billion dollars to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting plan.
Compared to the heat of LED lighting industrial, LED dissipation is one of the most difficult problem to solve. In the last five years, LED technique has been improved gradually and LED lighting device market is becoming hot.
However,chips fade, heat dissipation、high price became the obstacle of the development of LED lighting products. After 2 years efforts and trials, mainly solve the problem of heat dissipation of LED lights.The LED light with low heat which has constant power and current has longer life-span.
The LED light specialized for the fresh area in the supermarket is still beginning, But it will be one of the most promising products in the future retail enterprise.