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Welcome to LEDLightingProject.com , we are not only supplying LED lights, but also providing LED lighting solutions for both residential and commercial customers. We know each customer is unique, so is their requirement for LED lighting, what we do is to provide suitable solutions for each customer according to their projects. We will learn our customers' requirement carefully and patiently before we start each project, listen to their questions, and provide our professional suggestion to them. With our customer requirement studying team, we know exactly what each customer wants and how to meet their requirements.

Also, we don't think it's just a business for us, we really enjoy providing high quality LED products and fast service for our customers. Our main products include Flexible LED strip lights, Aluminium LED Housing, LED Tube Lights, RGB LED Controllers, LED Dimmers, 12V and 24V power supplies,and LED modules.

If you have never used LEDs before, you will be surprised by how convenient, safe, and wonderful they are!  Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we are excited to work with you, and know that you will be very satisfied with the quality LED products and service we provide.